Come Worship with Us!                         
I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go up to the house of the Lord.”  Psalm 122
Most people understand that something called worship happens in a church.  Worship is not an event, like a golf match or a play is an event.  Worship is more like what happens at the family dining table on a special day like Thanksgiving, when the various members of a family come together to share memories and a meal.  The sharing reminds all present who they are to one another, strengthens love, and builds new memories for the future.  A family meal is not so much an event as it is the building or forming of a family and the members of that family.
When we worship, we come together as the Church, the body of Christ and the family of God.  We share memories of our life with God, meaning we share the stories of his presence among us and his saving grace.  We hear of his love for us and we share that love with one another and with the world in our offerings.  As we share his love with one another and the world, we become a part of God’s story and witnesses to his goodness and his grace for generations of Christians yet to come.  We eat at the Lord’s Table and love is strengthened. Worship is the way in which the family of God is formed and strengthened for its life and ministries.  Worship is the way in which we experience most directly God’s love for us, and are formed and strengthened for our lives and our ministry as Christians.
Much more could be said about the nature of worship, but it is better that you simply come and see and experience it for yourself.  So, join us on the hill, and let us worship our Lord God together.

Loaves and Fishes Lutheran Dishes

A collection of recipes by the St Jacobs Lutheran church congregation.


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