2nd Epiphany – Sermon

Agents of Change I may have mentioned this once before, but one of the most glorious events of my young adult life occurred on a trip from Twin Falls, Idaho to Lima, Montana for the wedding of my best friend, Jennifer.  I cruised down the highway feeling young and free, oh for those days, and…

Service Cancellation UPDATE

If anything, weather forecasts for Sunday morning have gotten worse, especially the local ones. While a lot of the worse freezing rain will be northwest, our part of central pa is also supposed to get freezing rain later in the morning.  The temperatures are not expected to warm enough for just rain until noon or…

Service Cancellation – Snowy Weather

As of now, weather reports indicate we will receive freezing rain on Sunday morning, right around the time we would begin the early service at 8:00 am.  What might happen later in the morning is not clear, with some weather stations reporting icy conditions past noon and others seeing a warm  up and rain beginning…


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Loaves and Fishes Lutheran Dishes

A collection of recipes by the St Jacobs Lutheran church congregation.


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